Julia & Joe Macy Honored by NCSY

Julia & Joe MacyJulia and Joseph Macy were the founders of an NCSY dynasty in the organization’s early days. Julia escaped from Europe in 1939 before most of her family was murdered; Joseph endured the horrors of the concentration camps, emigrating to America after the war. Settling in Connecticut, they raised daughters Toby and Barbara. The Macys – immigrants driven to America by the war in Europe – went on to become successful in the restaurant and hotel business – a true American success story!

After the Macy girls became active in NCSY, Joseph followed in their footsteps by becoming the Orthodox Union’s Vice President for New England, a position he held for more than two decades before becoming National Honorary Vice President of the OU. For many years, the Macys were the backbone of New England NCSY, with no task too great or too small for their attention. The NCSY family they established has now reached its third generation, with their granddaughter serving as New England Regional President. The hard work and dedication that the Macys demonstrated on behalf of Jewish teens has rarely been matched and never exceeded.

These four couples, varying in many ways but alike in many others, exemplify the NCSY story. For 63 years, NCSY has been empowering Jewish teens by providing them with access to their own Jewish heritage and grooming them for leadership roles within the community. It is only with the support and guidance of families like the Benovitzes, the Weinbergs, the Kaminetzky and the Macys that NCSY is able to succeed in its mission, engaging more than 24,000 Jewish teens nationwide throughout the year.

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