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Avot and Imahot

Dear Friend,
This week's parasha is Parashat Vayishlach.
The parasha may be found on page 170 in the Artscroll Stone Edition Chumash.  The haftarah is taken from the Book of Ovadiah, and is found on page 1141 in the Artscroll Stone Edition Chumash.
This week's parasha furthers the narrative around the lives of the avot and imahot.  The parashiyot that deal with the lives, events, and actions of Avraham and Sara, Yitzhok and Rivkah, and Yaakov and Rachel and Leah, are latent with meaningful and inspirational lessons.  These lessons continue to serve as guideposts for us.  even in this generation, as we emulate our holy forebears and their noble lives and actions.
What lesson might we be able to learn from our forefather Jacob, Yaakov Avinu, in Parashat Vayishlach?
This week's parasha finds Yaakov Avinu preparing to reunite with his brother after twenty long years of separation.  Yaakov is not sure of what to expect from this reunion, as the last time the brothers were in each other's presence, Esav had it out to kill Yaakov!
Accordingly, Yaakov prepares for this new encounter with his brother by preparing his family and camp militarily, as well as by praying to the Almighty for peace and success.
In these turbulent times, when we find Israel in a state of war, we certainly will keep in mind the two values that we learn from Yaakov: a state of utmost military training preparedness and strategy, coupled with heartfelt prayers to the Almighty for salvation.
May we only hear good news!

Shabbat Shalom,
Rabbi Peretz Robinson