Four Parashiyot

Dear Friends,

I hope this message finds you and yours in good health.

As we begin the month of March, I just wanted to take a minute to reach out to you as we preview together the four Parashiyot that we will be reading in shul as we complete the book of Shemot and begin the book of Vayikra:


This parasha focuses on the commandments concerning the making of the special vestments that the Kohanim wore at the time of the performance of the Divine service. An ordinary Kohen wore four special vestments, while the Kohen Gadol would wear eight. Parashat Tetzaveh also tells of the inauguration ceremony that was performed on the Kohanim, as well as the construction of the golden altar designated for the daily offering of the incense upon it.


This parasha begins with the commandment incumbent upon the Israelites to donate a half shekel coin. This coin was used as a means of taking a census of the Jewish people. In turn, the coins were used to fund the sacrifices in the Mishkan. Parashat Ki Tisa proceeds to tell of the sin of the golden calf, Moshe's breaking the tablets, and the fashioning of the second pair of tablets.


This double parasha, which concludes the book of Exodus, tells of the construction of the Mishkan and the making of the priestly garments, and concludes with the Tabernacle being set up and the Almighty's glory filling the Mishkan.


This parasha, which begins the middle book of the Torah, the book of Leviticus, tells of the laws of all the different sacrifices. Indeed, the subject of the korbanot plays a central role throughout the entirety of Sefer Vayikra.

I look forward to seeing you as you join us for Shabbat services, and we read these Torah portions together. Shabbat morning services are held at Jewish Senior Services, 4200 Park Avenue in Bridgeport, in the conference room on the first floor. We begin services at 9:30.

Wishing you a wonderful March,  Rabbi Peretz Robinson


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