Pesach 2019

Dear Friends,     

As I reach out to you with our April newsletter and calendar, it is important to note that the Shabbat of Saturday, April 6th marks Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the first day of the Hebrew month of Nissan. This is important because, as we know, the Jewish holiday of Pesach falls out on the 15th day of Nissan.  It behooves us all to begin thinking about and planning for the Yom Tov of Pesach right now. The first Seder night falls on Friday evening, April 19th.  Pesach is a holiday that touches to our most fundamental identity as a people. If a nation's constitution could be encapsulated in a holiday, then surely the Jewish nation's constitutional holiday would be Passover. It's no coincidence that the Pesach Seder is one of the most widely observed mitzvot, and that the holiday has always been closely associated with the foundation of Jewish life: the Jewish family. Now is the time to start thinking about and planning for Pesach: what will I be doing for my Passover Seders? Have I familiarized myself with the Haggadah? How and when will I kasher my kitchen and clean my house for the holiday? How can I make this year's Pesach observance a more meaningful celebration? I am pleased to announce that our shul will be holding davening services throughout the holiday. Please consult the enclosed calendar for davening times. Also, I will have forms available for selling chametz. Please feel free to be in touch with myself or Arnell in the synagogue office with any questions you might have regarding Pesach schedule or chametz sale.

Wishing you a Chag Kasher V’Sameach,

Rabbi Peretz Robinson



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