Purim 2019

Dear Friends,     

It gives me great pleasure to once again reach out to you in our monthly newsletter. 

The holiday of Purim begins on Wednesday, March 20th in the evening, and concludes the following evening. This holiday, which commemorates the salvation of the Jewish people through the efforts of Mordechai and Esther, has four specific mitzvot connected to it:

  1. Mishloach Manot. The giving of two types of readily edible foods to a fellow Jew.
  2. Megillah Reading. One must hear the Megillah being read twice, the first time in the evening, and the second time the following day. God willing, our shul will be holding our Megillah reading service this year on the JSS campus. In the evening, our service will begin at 7:05. The following morning, Megillah reading will be part of our usual daily 6:45 minyan. Please feel welcome to join us. A mechitza will be present, and both men and women are welcome.
  3. Seudat Purim. The mitzvah to enjoy a festive meal on the holiday. While this mitzvah must be performed during Purim day, nevertheless it is recommended to have a joyous meal on Purim eve as well. We are hoping to have a festive meal following Megillah reading on Wednesday evening at JSS. This meal will take place at approximately 8 p.m. We are asking for RSVP's, as it is essential that we order the right amount of food. Sponsorship opportunities are available for this event. Please consider partnering with Congregation Ahavath Achim in cosponsoring this event in honor of a friend, in memory of a loved one, or as a general donation.
  4. Matanot L'evyonim. Charity to be distributed in the community on the holiday. This is a mitzvah that is unique to the holiday of Purim. I will be personally distributing these funds to members of our community on the day of the holiday. 

For more information about how to contribute to our holiday charity fund, for details about Purim dinner sponsorship, or any other questions regarding the Purim schedule, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or Arnell in the shul office. 

Looking forward to spending a meaningful Purim holiday with you, 

Rabbi Peretz Robinson 


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