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Torah Message from Rabbi Peretz Robinson

While we are saddened by the recent passing of a number of our community members,  thank God things continue to go well in the shul. Additionally, we are very pleased that with the recent repairs completed, our eruv is once again kosher and functional. Our eruv greatly enhances the feeling of community amongst our congregation, as well as facilitates a higher level of Shabbat observance for those who must carry outdoors on Shabbat for whatever reason. As you may be aware, our daily Shacharit minyan meets on the campus of Jewish Senior Services (JSS), 4200 Park Avenue in Bridgeport. We meet for minyan at 9:30 on Shabbat, 8 o'clock on Sundays, and 6:45 throughout the week.  In addition to serving, as an ideal location for our congregation to gather for services, our meeting at JSS also provides an opportunity for us to get to know, interact with, and even assist the seniors in our community.

On an informal level, it can be something as simple as a light conversation struck up over kiddush with a JSS resident or helping to transport a wheelchair-bound resident through the hallways that can make such a tremendous difference in a senior citizen's life. On a more formal level, JSS offers various volunteer opportunities for us to take advantage of. It would be a tremendous mitzvah and kiddush Hashem for us to be involved in the lives of those who are elderly and in need of assistance in our community. I personally have benefited tremendously from helping out and getting to know some of the JSS residents, and in particular have always found the stories of our community's Holocaust survivors both heroic and compelling. Please feel free to be in touch with me if you are interested in volunteering at JSS.


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