Torah Message from Rabbi Moldovan

Shavuos is the time of the year when the Jewish people stood at Mount Sinai and accepted the Torah for generations. We commemorate this by reading the portion of the Torah dealing with this giving and rejoice in the Chag. It is well known that we also read Megillas Rus on Shavuos, the story of a Moabite convert, Rus, who becomes a widow and is treated with great kindness by Boaz who supports her and ends up marrying her. This is a great rags to riches story and an example of unbounded kindness, but what does this have to do with Shavuos? It has nothing to do with receiving the Torah or any details therein! The commentaries explain that the stamp of the Torah is kindness and care between us. As Hillel the Elder once famously answered the potential convert to explain the whole Torah on one foot – “Do not do to others what you do not wish done to yourself.” This is the epitome of the Torah and all is encapsulated within. This is why we read Rus on Shavuos. A story of such sublime kindness is fitting to illustrate the focus that the Torah places on acts of kindness between one another. We should all merit to receive the Torah on Shavuos.


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