Can a Golem can count towards a minyan?

With the winter months upon us, we will be missing a few regulars from our Shabbat minyanim, as they travel interstate to warmer climates. Getting a minyan of ten men willing to brave the weather for the entire winter will be tough, but as I was studying this week I came across a brilliant idea! The Gemara says that Rav Zeira, one of the great sages mentioned in the Talmud, made a golem, a manlike creature, from scratch.  He used Kabbalistic methods found in a book called Sefer Yetzira, the Book of Creation, authored by our forefather Abraham thousands of years ago. A parchment with certain names of Hashem are inserted into the mouth of a clay statue which immediately becomes animated and able to perform tasks like a regular human being! Maybe I can make a golem to help the minyan. Unfortunately for us, this issue has already been raised by the great Chacham Tzvi, the 17th Century leader of the Portugese Jewish community who queries if a golem can count towards a minyan. He explains that even though a golem looks and acts like a human being, he is unable to talk. Says the Chacham Tzvi, that since a golem intrinsically lacks the faculty of speech, he cannot be included in a minyan. So it turns out that the golem plan is not a viable one.  Since we can't use a golem, I call on all those potential minyanaires to please make a special effort and help contribute to the tefillos of our Shul – rain, hail or shine.   


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