Torah Message from Rabbi Moldovan

The formation of the Jewish camp as they traveled through the desert is painstakingly detailed. Which tribe stands on the Eastern edge of the camp, which tribe stands to the North, and which tribes neighbor each other. The commentaries ask why the Torah needs to give such a specific order. Just let the people travel in whatever order they wish! The commentaries explain that when one is around royalty, order is requisite to be shown. Chaos and disarray are not fitting in esteemed company. The first way to show respect for a dignitary is by treating them in an orderly fashion. The Jewish people traveled in the desert with Hashem among them. The Aron Hakodesh was the place from which Hashem communicated with Moshe, and the Clouds of Glory were representative of Hashem's care for the Jewish people. Order is prescribed in the company of such nobility and the Torah prescribes that order to us.


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