Parshas Vayikra

Torah Message from Rabbi Moldovan

As we begin the book of Vayikra, we find a peculiar word. The last letter of the word "Vayikra" ("(Hashem) called") is smaller than a regular letter. The commentaries attempt to assign a reason to this anomaly of the Torah. Some commentaries explain the hint that Hashem is not only to be found in the big things - Hashem is visible and apparent in the small aspects of our life. As Hashem told the prophet Eliyahu that he is not to be found in the earthquake, or the thunder, or in the howling wind, but rather Hashem is found in the soft whisper. Some people wait to see Hashem in the great events of the world. Wars, diplomacy, natural disasters, and natural wonders of the world are places where they feel Hashem is to be found. Hashem is certainly to be found in these places! But he is also constantly found with every small step that we take in our lives from beginning to end. If we attune ourselves to that small sound we will surely be able to recognize the constant, guiding hand of Hashem in our lives. This is the message of the small aleph.


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