Parshas Vayakhel/Pekudei

Torah Message from Rabbi Moldovan

The Jewish people are commanded to build the Mishkan, a portable sanctuary for Hashem, as they traveled in the wilderness. Every painstaking detail of the architecture of the Mishkan is listed - exactly how long, wide, and tall every structure must be, how many planks the outer wall is to be made of, how many plies in each thread of the hanging curtain, and even the exact number of hooks that will be holding the curtains. Why so much detail? The commentaries explain that the Mishkan was to be built as an atonement for the sin of the golden calf. The Jewish people felt that they needed a tangible and physical item to serve as an intermediary to worship Hashem. Moshe Rabbeinu was that intermediary until his false demise. Now the Jewish people felt the golden calf would take the place of Moshe as that intermediary. Hashem countered that it is reasonable for us to need some help in our service of an invisible and intangible God. But, this help can only come in the form that Hashem ordains. This is why Hashem gives painstaking details regarding the construction of the Mishkan - to teach the Jewish people that this physical sanctuary that will be used as a means to come closer to Hashem is only effective if it is done according to all the fine details. Spirituality and a purported connection to God can be found in many incarnations in this day and age. We know that the way for a Jew to connect to Hashem is through the Torah and Mitzvos - just as Hashem has detailed to us.


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