Torah Message from Rabbi Moldovan

As the Jewish people travel in the wilderness they are sustained by the miraculous manna that Hashem provides. Each person picked precisely one measure for each member of the household daily. If less was picked, the measure filled itself. If more was taken, the excess rotted. This manna began descending only 30 days after they had left Egypt. Rashi explains that they ate the provisions that they had left Egypt with during these 30 days. The commentaries ask that surely it was only by way of a miracle that food could last for thirty days as it is transported in the desert. If so, why didn't Hashem just continue this miracle of fresh and plentiful food in place of the manna? The commentaries explain that the manna was a necessary precursor for accepting the Torah. The Torah requires that we respect other people's possessions. The Torah forbids, stealing, coveting other people's possessions, lying, cheating, and any other form of unlawful enrichment. These laws are contrary to innate acquisitive drives within human beings. In order to train us to overcome these innate human drives, the manna came to teach us that a person will only get that which he actually needs. If he had too little, then Hashem would fill his requirements; if he had too much, then Hashem would remove the excess. Once the Jewish people developed trust in Hashem to fulfill their needs, they could accept laws that went contrary to their acquisitive nature. When we know that Hashem will provide for us, it is simple to be honest in our business dealings and interactions with others.



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