Parsha Vayechi

Torah Message from Rabbi Moldovan

Yaakov, on his deathbed, gathers his 12 sons together to bless them and their descendants. Each brother is given a different blessing, specifically handpicked by Yaakov for that particular son. But upon closer inspection, these "blessings" seem to be bereft of any prayer for the future as we would except to find in a blessing. Rather, Yaakov seems to be describing the traits of each brother - Reuven is impetuous, Shimon and Levi are violent, Yehudah is a leader, Gad is a warrior and so on. What is Yaakov's intention by simply describing the brother's in place of a traditional blessing? The commentaries explain that Yaakov knew his children. He instructed each child to fulfill his individual potential by utilizing their own unique skills and talents. The greatest blessing of all is for one to fulfill their potential in life. Many of us have aspirations for our lives based on a perception of who we should be according to our family, peers, media, and society. Our greatest success in life comes when we define what our goal in life is and maximize our potential in the service of Hashem.

May we all merit to elevate our homes into such a great place.


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