Torah Message from Rabbi Moldovan

Three Arab nomads are welcomed by Avraham as guests in the desert. Food is served, lodging is provided, and important companionship in the loneliness of the desert. During the visit, they assure Avraham that he and his wife will bear children, even though they were well into their nineties. Sarah overhears the conversation and laughs at such an unlikely prospect. Sarah is criticized for this laughter and not trusting in the power of Hashem to give her children. The commentaries ask that granted Hashem has the power to give children to anyone, nevertheless, who could fault Sarah for doubting the assurance of three random Arabs that were picked up off the street. No doubt that Sarah would not have laughed at the assurance if it had come directly from Hashem, but how could she be faulted for doubting the words of these nomads. The commentaries explain that one should never reject the blessings of another person, even that of three random vagabonds. The Gemarah says that even the blessings of the wicked prophet Bilaam towards the Jewish people had a dramatic, positive effect. Sarah's attitude towards blessing was lacking and for this she was held accountable.


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