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Welcome to Congregation Ahavath Achim

Congregation Ahavath Achim is a warm, suburban, Modern Orthodox synagogue, affiliated with the Orthodox Union. We are located in scenic Fairfield, Connecticut, just one hour from New York City, with easy access via either the Merritt Parkway or I-95, Amtrak or MetroNorth. A short drive will bring you to nearby beaches, marinas, parks, historical sites, nature centers and museums. We experience the changing seasons of a New England town but also enjoy all the conveniences of being within easy commuter distance of New York. Visitors to our community are always welcome!

Yale’s Slifka Center Hosts Holocaust Survivor Betty Deutsch


Yale University’s Slifka Center hosted Holocaust survivor Betty Deutsch  at an intimate gathering in honor of Yom HaShoah called Zikaron BaSalon - Memory in the Living Room.  Betty, a devoted Ahavath Achim member, shared her journey from a small farm town in Hungary to Auschwitz and beyond. Betty has shared her war time experiences with students at many schools to help ensure the memory of the Holocaust never fades from history.  Sharon Risch took this picture of Betty surrounded by the Yale students who attended the event.  Next to Betty is Erica Cohen, another shul member, who attended the event. Behind the gal in the white blouse is Sharon’s son, Evan, a Yale student and Slifka Center member.

  • Embrace Your Freedom: As we remember the Exodus from Egypt and our flight to freedom, we should remember why we received our freedom. We left Egypt to receive the Torah. Embrace your freedom by attending minyan as often as you can. Show up. Sign up (there is a sign-up sheet on the bulletin board). Come early, come often, and Help keep Our Minyan Strong!

  • Shabbos Hagadol Drasha Rabbi Moldovan will present the Shabbos Hagadol drasha before Mussaf on Shabbos at approximately 10:45am. The drasha will be aimed at acquiring clarity regarding modern Pesach issues such as Pesach hotels, chometz in offices, kitniyos, essentials of the seder, and the extent of cleaning necessary for Pesach.

  • Important Shabbat HaGadol Schedule Changes There will be no Seudah Shlishit in shul this week. Please remember to have Seudah Shlishit at home before returning to shul for mincha at 6:55 pm. Also, please note that this Shabbat, Rabbi Moldovan’s class will be between mincha and ma’ariv and not before mincha as usual. Mincha will be at 6:55 pm, followed by the Rabbi’s class. The topic for this week’s class is “That’s the Biggest Olive I’ve Ever Seen!!! How much Matzah do we Really Need to Eat?” The class will be followed by ma’ariv at 8:08 pm.

  • Pesach Office Hours The office will be closed from Friday, April 7th to Thursday April 20th for the Passover holiday. For emergencies please contact either President Barbara Tuckel @ 203-581-2405 or Elaine Schiller @ 203-218-3121. If you need to reach Rabbi Moldovan for any reason, please call his cell phone, 203-906-6296. Leave a message and he will return your call. Please be sure to state your name and number clearly. Thank you and Chag Kasher V’Sameach to everyone.

  • Shul Event Photos Needed Now We have a great need for photos of previous shul events no matter how long ago. If anyone has photos of any shul events, including holidays (Purim, Chanukah), luncheons, meetings, Kitchen workers/baking, classes, anything at all, please call Elaine or Barbara right away.

  • Sale of Chametz before Pesach – 

    Rabbi Moldovan will be available for selling Chametz in the lead up to Pesach. He will be available at the following times:

    Thursday,    April 6 @ 7:30-8:30pm

    Sunday,        April 9  @ 9:15-10am

    The Rabbi is also available by appointment. You can  reach him at 203-906-6296. All members of the community are encouraged and recommended to sell their chametz.The authorization letter was sent in a separate email to everyone and there are copies available in the shul office, on the table in the front hall, in the Beit Midresh and here available for download.

  • Community Mincha Service Resumes on Sunday, April 2 at Ahavath Achim. We also want to notify you that the Bridgeport Community Kollel will be on break during Nissan (from Tuesday, March 28 to Wednesday, April 26). During this time, services on Monday and Tuesday evenings will be at Bikur Cholim. Please note that on Thursday, Chol HaMoed Pesach (April 13) Mincha will also be at Bikur Cholim instead of at Ahavath Achim. Please see the April calendar for all the correct times as we resume the Community Mincha service.

  • Maos Chittin As everyone knows, Pesach needs can be financially draining. It is customary to donate money to help others in the community. This age-old custom is known as Maos Chittin - "money for wheat". The money is used for Pesach supplies. Rabbi Moldovan will be collecting money to distribute to families within the community for Pesach needs. Donations can be given directly to the Rabbi or to Arnell in the office.
  • Pesach Message from Israel Bonds Rabbinic Council Say L’shana habah B’Yerushalayim with an Israel Bond – Redeem the afikomin with eMitzvah Bonds or Mazel Tov Bonds.  Available in different denominations $36-$2500. Contact investments@israelbonds.com or 888.764.2631.

  • Cleaning and Preparing the Shul for Passover The janitor will begin cleaning the shul in preparation for Passover on Monday, April 3rd.  Please be sure to remove ALL personal belongings, including but not limited to the coat room, library, Zimmer Hall, the Beit Midrash, the playroom or any other location not listed herein.  Please note that anything left lying around by April 7 will be assumed to be abandoned and will be removed. No exceptions. We appreciate your cooperation.

  • Tefillin and Mezuzos Rabbi Moldovan is a trained Sofer and is available to check Tefillin or Mezuzos if required. Please contact the Rabbi directly on 203 906-6296.

  • Important Shul Property Committee Update  Anyone wishing to have any shul item(s) that we will not be taking and using after we move to our new location must contact Sara Klein, Committee Chairperson or Barbara Tuckel, President to let them know what you are interested in having. Further, until our sale is absolutely finalized we are keeping all items together.  Thank you everyone for your   help and cooperation.

  • Jewish Senior Services needs Minyan Menschen: JSS is in great need of men to help make the daily Minyan to help Residents say Kaddish 365 days of the year. Our Minyan hours will not overlap with most synagogue’s Minyans. Feel free to contact Rabbi Stephen Shulman, Director, Pastoral Services at (203) 396-1001 or email:sshulman@jseniors.org for exact service times.

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