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Welcome to Congregation Ahavath Achim

Congregation Ahavath Achim is a warm, suburban, Modern Orthodox synagogue, affiliated with the Orthodox Union. We are located in scenic Fairfield, Connecticut, just one hour from New York City, with easy access via either the Merritt Parkway or I-95, Amtrak or MetroNorth. A short drive will bring you to nearby beaches, marinas, parks, historical sites, nature centers and museums. We experience the changing seasons of a New England town but also enjoy all the conveniences of being within easy commuter distance of New York. Visitors to our community are always welcome!

Announcements May 20-27, 2016

  • Where were you Friday Night? The Shabbat after Passover we began early Shabbat. Friday services begin at 7:00pm every week. This past Shabbat we only had 6 people for a minyan. Unless New Math has changed things, that did not constitute a minyan. Please plan ahead, and be on time. When you don’t attend, you are missed. Join the minyan. Come early, come often, and Help Make Our Minyan Strong!
  • FRIDAY EVENINGS 7:00 PM EARLY MINCHA: With the return of Daylight Savings Time and the subsequent late onset of Shabbat on Friday evenings, our minyan has resumed the practice of davening an early mincha service on Friday evenings. Please make a note on your calendar and join us in the Beit Medrash a minute or two before seven o'clock, so we can have a complete minyan and begin davening on time. Remember YOUR PRESENCE ensures Kaddish for everyone who needs one. Thanks to one and all for coming to KEEP OUR MINYAN STRONG.
  • Lag B’Omer is Thursday, May 26
  • Yom Iyun on Techeilet The blue strings on the corners of our Tzitzis have been lost for centuries. For the last 25 years P'til Techeilet has been at the forefront of reviving this Mitzvah. They are conducting a Yom Iyun this Sunday May 22nd at the Young Israel of Woodmere, NY from 9am-2pm. Experts in the field will be speaking followed by a live dyeing demonstration. The event will be streamed live on the internet. Please visit http://tekhelet.com/5T-YomIyun/ to watch.
    Our own Ari Greenspan, grandson of Josephine & Nathan Greenspan, z"l and son of Rabbi Alan & Gala Greenspan, will be one of the experts speaking at this event. Remember that Ari and an associate were among the very first people doing research to uncover the true color and process by which the techeilet is produced.
  • SHABBAT KIDDUSH Dr. Avraham & Stacey Mintz are sponsoring a special kiddush this Shabbat. In celebration of the 6th anniversary of Gregory's Bar Mitzvah and Neal's acceptance to Washington University in St. Louis. and in observiance of the yahrtzeit of Sanford Green, Stacey's father
  • Mazal Tov!: On behalf of the Congregation, we send warmest congratulations to Dr. Dahlia Perez, daughter of Vivian & Plinio Perez and niece of Shalom & Renee Mizrahi. Dr. Perez has graduated with a PhD in Science and Biology at MIT graduate school. She is specializing in cancer research at the Koch Institute in Cambridge, MA
  • ANNUAL JOURNAL LUNCHEON EVENT We are delighted to announce that this year’s Journal honoree will be Andrew and Sara Klein. We cannot think of a more deserving couple to honor. Just several weeks ago we congratulated them on celebrating their 66th wedding anniversary, and during these years they have devoted themselves tirelessly to working for the well-being of Congregation Ahavath Achim. We congratulate them on accepting an honor that is just a small way of thanking them, and recognizing the countless responsibilities they have accepted to keep our synagogue growing and functioning. A meeting for the Journal Committee will be scheduled shortly.
  • A Note from Rena Gelb on Mishnayos Learning
    Dear family and friends - This is a friendly reminder to please complete any unfinished mishnayos learning in memory of Frimit Malka Tova Gittel bas Yitzchak Tzvi, Gina Gelb, a"h before the first yartzeit on July 29th. The sign up spreadsheet.
    Thank you again,
    Rena Gelb
  • Community Events: Fairfield County Jewish Community presents "A Long Weekend of Inclusivity," May 19-22, featuring author and activist Shelly Christensen. The topic is "How to Assure that All Families Have Access to Jewish Programming & Services." An email has been sent to everyone on the shul email list with complete information on locations and topics. Registration to attend is required.
  • JCC Maccabi Games & Artfest - August 7-12: Host families and volunteers are needed for this event. 1500 Jewish teens will be welcomed to lower Fairfield County from all over the US, Israel, Great Britain, Poland and South America. You can become a host family or a volunteer and experience a most amazing community event. For complete details or to register contact www.jccmaccabistamford.org or the JCC Maccabi office at 203-487-0949 or email  maccabi@stamfordjcc.org
  • COMMUNITY DAVENING: The Kollel is back in session and the community mincha/ma'ariv davening has returned to 85 Arlington Street, Bridgeport on Monday and Tuesday evenings.
  • Israel Independence Day Parade- Sunday, June 5 You are invited to march with the Orthodox Union in the annual Celebrate Israel Parade up New York's Fifth Avenue. Every marcher receives a free t-shirt! More information about times and locations will be available as the day draws near. Register at www.ou.org/parade
  • Please Contact the Office If You Would Like to Pick Up the Leaf, Plaque, Rock You Donated to Hillel: If you or your family has a leaf on the Tree of Life, a plaque, or a rock in the former Hillel Wing that you would like to keep, please contact the shul office (203-372-6529) to make arrangements to pick it up. Thank you, Sara Klein

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Israel Independence Day Parade
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